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1. If you are not yet registered, Click Register in the Login Form  at the main page. If registered, simply login and proceed to step 5.

2. Enter pertinent data.

3. If successful, you will be informed and asked to log in.

4. After logging in, Click link to Photo Gallery at the Main Menu.

You should be immediately brought to the gallery (or to your album). Initially you may see a link "Add Photo". Otherwise go to the sidebar.

 NOTE: If you know how, REDUCE the size of your photos to 640 x 480 so that uploading them will not be so slow.

5. If you are taken to the Main Gallery, the album with <album options> is your album.  Click on the Drop down and select Edit Album.

6. On the side menu, Click Add Items and you will see the following screen which allows you to upload your photos.

Active Image

7. If the source of your photos is a local directory (your hard disk) , select the tab From Web Browser.

8. Under the From Web Browser are rows of  fields named File with browse button and Caption.

    Click the browse button in the first row and point it to the folder containing  your photo.

    Click your photo to select.

9 . In the caption field, enter caption of the Photo.

10. Repeat the process  for the other fields if you want to add more photos.

11. When you are done, click the Add Items button at the bottom of the page. This will upload your files.  This will take a while depending on the size of the files and the speed of your connection.

12. The program will inform you if uploading is successful.

IF you have problems, please email me. I will upload the photos for you.

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