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1.Click Family Tree on the Main Menu. This should display the PhpGedView Welcome Page.

2. Click Log in which is located on the top of the screen. This should display the Login screen.

3. Click the Request new user account link found in the bottom box named  Account Information.

4. Provide the needed information. You must fill up all fields including the Comments field. You must enter a valid email address.

5. Click the Request new user account button found at the bottom of the box.

6. Follow the instructions on the screen which includes accessing your email.

If you encounter any problems please email me by clicking the name after Please contact ...


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muztamos mga mistizo'z
joseph oliver nadela (IP: 2011-02-10 00:03:24

im one of the nadela's branches...hehehe
by the way im from cebu....apo nila ni rufino ang marcela nadela from daVAO...
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