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rod nadela

Posted at Tuesday, 19 February 2008 13:31
hi wilson,

welcome to our website!
is your complete name eduardo wilson nadela?

could you please provide us a complete list of siblings of your father restituto?

our website has listed only arnulfo sr., aside from your father, of course.

do you know the name of your grandfather and his siblings?

also, may we know how many brothers and sisters do you have, as well as, their names?

we really would like to update your records at this website.

please send us more info and photos for posting.

daghan kaayong salamat.
rod nadela
Wilson Nadela

Posted at Sunday, 17 February 2008 18:39
Back then my father Restituto Nadela used to repair tables and chairs at SLABADU.
Wilson Nadela

Posted at Sunday, 17 February 2008 18:28
Hi. this site is real great..
infact i know some of the nadelas here..
By the way, i'm the youngest son of Restituto Nadela the younger brother of Arnulfo Nadela Sr.
More power to the clan...
rod nadela

Posted at Wednesday, 26 December 2007 13:32
Hi! Flor Marie Nadela Bagayas,

thanks for telling your mom (vilma) about our website. your mom is actually our first degree cousin whom we have not heard of for quite a while after fred and myself have left cebu. your lolo ceredion is a brother of my father felipe, so in other words you are my niece.

please express our warmest regards to everyone in your family and to your auntie renee and belinda. we are hoping that they will send us their latest family updates.

by the way, i have seen the beautiful paintings of your brother luis posted in the internet. we are happy that he is making a name for himself in this field.

thanks for contacting us and please do send us more info, pictures and email address.

rod nadela
rod nadela

Posted at Wednesday, 26 December 2007 12:32
hi krista,

we are glad that you have contacted us after finding this website.

please tell us more about yourself, names of your siblings, your parents and grandparents and where they came from.

we are hoping to compose a wider genealogy tree with all the information coming from each one of you.

rod nadela

Posted at Wednesday, 26 December 2007 12:03
hi charlie,

please send us some pictures for posting at this website.

please send us more info also about your family, especially names of your grandparents (and where they came from), parents and siblings.

belated merry christmas to all and wishing you a prosperous, harmonious,peaceful, happy new year 2008!

krista nadela

Posted at Monday, 24 December 2007 05:26
yay! i ddnt kno we had a website..anyhooz! ima nadela! aha.
Fred Nadela

Posted at Friday, 21 December 2007 20:07

If you have the time, please tell us more about yourself (name of parents, siblings) so that I can add you to the database.

Am also looking forward to the photos you promised.

Posted at Friday, 14 December 2007 13:27
yes rod, kaila me ne junrey.
I was doing the visayan teleseries while he's doing the news
Fred Nadela

Posted at Tuesday, 20 November 2007 07:20
I have already added the link to the Nadela Twins Website.
Check it out at Main Menu/Links/Nadela Sites.
Marc Nadela

Posted at Monday, 19 November 2007 13:19
Thanks Rod, I'll be sure to send some pics of my relatives, also try to add this link from the Nadela Twins, ** It contains some pics of Arnulfo Nadela Jr.'s family as well as live video performances of the Nadela Twins here in Cebu.
rod nadela

Posted at Saturday, 17 November 2007 09:18
hi marc!

i am a brother of fred who created, maintains and administers this website.

we are so glad to hear from someone coming from the family of the late arnulfo nadela jr.

when fred and i were still in talisay, cebu, there were several nadela clan reunions held at slabado. my brothers and sisters were always able to attend, especially Sister Linda Nadela of Carmelite Order, but unfortunately i was never able to attend even just one. this frustration is always very strongly felt whenever reminiscing those bygone days.

we shall highly appreciate it if you would send us pictures about you, your siblings, your parents and other close relatives for posting at this website.

we are indeed quite happy that there are many of you at the forefront in the fields of arts, media and entertainment,and in many other fields of endeavor who continue to achieve notable deeds and making us all proud.

keep it up!

rod nadela
Marc Nadela

Posted at Friday, 16 November 2007 09:40
Hi, I stumbled on this page from browsing. I must this is very informative in terms of tracing back to your family roots. Anyways, my Grandparents are Arnulfo "Boy" M. Nadela Jr.(RIP)
and Felina "Fely" P. Nadela (RIP)
I'm also a musician, in fact I'm a drummer sessioning for different bands here in Cebu. I was trained by my Dad's sisters who were the Nadela Twins. I learned music and harmony from my family, since music has been part of our life since my lolo started "SLABADU" years ago. I'm proud to say that his legacy in instilling music into our hearts and minds have greatly made a huge impact on our lives. Notable examples of such individuals who have made a mark in the music scene in the philippines are: Renmin and QT Nadela( Renmin and I used to run around playing games inside Slabadu years ago.) Lee Nadela( Renmin's brother. We used to play games when we were kids, and the fact that their both Lee and Renmin's father (Emmanuel Nadela, happens to sing with the Harmony and Rhythm band also years ago.) Leo Espocia, also a session drummer for Manila's artist, notable appearance by Leois Nina's live album that was released two years ago, where he is seen playing the drums for her. I on the other hand, have played with different bands, sometimes sessioned with some of them. I'm still currently active in the local rock scene here in Cebu. I'll be posting some pictures soon. Thanks and keep this website active! more power!
rod nadela

Posted at Tuesday, 30 October 2007 13:51
hi charlie,

welcome to our website!
are you related to jun rey nadela who is also with abs-cbn cebu?

please send us more info about your lineage and pictures that we can post.


Posted at Friday, 28 September 2007 14:46
im so excited i have discovered this website... awesome. I'm from cebu now based in los angeles. Used to be with local cebu teleseries both abs-cbn and gma. GOD bless.
Fred Nadela

Posted at Tuesday, 14 August 2007 08:31
To Rizza Awayan:

Something wrong with your email address. My reply bounced.

Anyway, Thank you for getting in touch!

My record of the Nadelas in Ginatilan is not extensive. I dont even know the name of the parish priest who was the first Nadela to settle in Ginatilan.

In the database, I only have Sergio Nadela who is the father of Eutiquiano "Texx" Nadela. Texx I think is already based in the US.

The father of Sergio is Hilarion Nadela. Are these names familiar to you?
Rod Nadela

Posted at Saturday, 02 June 2007 11:53
hi! jojo,

welcome to our website!
i'm sure that everyone is so glad to hear from you and to learn that we have a paryente currently writing for GMA7 soap operas that are being watched by millions daily.

please provide more info and pictures about your family so we can post these here.

we also have very close relatives in pardo, inayawan, cebu city, san fernando and carcar, so there is no doubt that we are relatives.

your current work at GMA7, as well as those works of other nadelas in the entertainment and arts industry, certainly add sparkle and shine to our name.

i have learned that you wrote for MAJIKA and SUGO and also now writing for BUBBLE GANG, BAHAY MO BA'TO?!, AY! ROBOT?!, GANDA NG LOLA KO!, MGA KUWENTO NI LOLA BASYANG...!

keep it up!
we are so proud of you!

rod nadela

jose johnny nadela

Posted at Thursday, 31 May 2007 01:36
hello sir,

I'm jojo nadela, son of evaristo nadela from carcar cebu and because of his work, migrated to cagayan de oro city. I'm the youngest of six,all was born in cebu city, lahug, pardo and inayawan. I'm now currently working as a scriptwriter in gma-7 kili-tv and soap operas. looking forward to meet you soon sir and hoping that God may continue bless our clan! long live! nadela clan!
jose johnny nadela

Posted at Thursday, 31 May 2007 01:23
rod nadela

Posted at Saturday, 12 May 2007 11:28
hi! michael ray,

i'm a brother of fred.
we are quite happy that you have visited the nadela website and made contact with us.

we are really hoping that all our other relatives would find time to contribute as much information as possible in building our respective family trees so we would know how are we related to one another and perhaps establish closer relationships and strengthen our bonds as relatives.

i've relocated here in marikina since 1985 and was able to visit cebu once in a while on official branch visits.

hoping to meet you someday

rod nadela
Michael Ray M. Lunzaga

Posted at Tuesday, 08 May 2007 11:11
my email address:

for update Andres Nadela he has 3 children namely: Noli, Toto and Arthur
Fred Nadela

Posted at Friday, 04 May 2007 20:32

To Michael Ray:
Salamat sa imong messages and the information about your family. We are related kay taga San Nicolas pud akong kagikan.
In my database, I have two other records of Andres Nadela. I do not know if one of them is the same Andres you referred to. Please give me your email address so I can email you more info about your immediate roots Nadela side if I can find any.
Michael Ray M. Lunzaga

Posted at Wednesday, 02 May 2007 04:03
My Great Great Grand Mother is Ramona Nadela married with Crispin Marquez and their son Bruno Nadela Marquez and married with Sofia Villafuerte Tan this is the only trace i've known. i hope it can help me trace with my roots. And my Great Grand Ramona Nadela brothers & sister namely: Fernando Nadela, Melecia Nadela, Andres Nadela and Gavino Nadela.
Michael Ray M. Lunzaga

Posted at Wednesday, 02 May 2007 03:07
Now im also member DOCE PARES INTERNATIONAL headed Grand Master Dionisio Caņete, thats why i saw this site while im surfing. im maintaining a website temporary account if you can visit our site:
Michael Ray M. Lunzaga

Posted at Wednesday, 02 May 2007 02:59
My Grand Father is Bruno Nadela Marquez and her wife Sofia Villafuerte Tan at time they in living in the south in Argao the war began they fly to Ormoc City and my parents grow there in Ormoc. My mom said Nadela Clan resided San Nicholas before until now some my uncle lives there but and my mom is Erlinda "shirley" Tan Marquez she now 70 years old. im happy to see this website i want to know where my relatives. GOD BLESS US ALL OF OUR RELATIVES.

Posted at Tuesday, 07 November 2006 03:11
Welcome to the Nadela Guestbook.

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