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Posted at Wednesday, 19 November 2008 18:51
hi rod,
I have read your conversation with my cousin Eduardo Wilson Nadela. I am Eduardo Henry H. Nadela. I am the only son of Aurelio " Iti " Puerto Nadela. My father is the youngest brother of Arnulfo Puerto Nadela Sr. and Restituto " Tuto " Puerto Nadela.

I am interested to get in touch with you. If you have time please make a call at 0922-4545207, 5807111 or 3405797. Thanks and best regards. Wish to hear from you very soon.
Agnes Nadela

Posted at Friday, 14 November 2008 02:48
Hello Uncle Fred!

It was really a pleasure meeting you at the reunion knowing that you also came from Davao. I hope you and papa jessie can meet one of these days, i know you how busy you are. I have read Vincenss' comment. Papa Jessie / Jesus actually has 3 kids. I am the youngest. My eldest brother is Jurie and my older sister is Jessel. She is an elementary teacher in V.Hizon Elem. School there in Bo. Pampanga.
Ive been here in Cebu for over 3 years already.
Keep in touch.. God bless.. Thanks!
Fred Nadela

Posted at Monday, 10 November 2008 09:39
It was good meeting you, Ian, at the reunion.

Keep in touch.
Chester "Ian" Nadela

Posted at Saturday, 08 November 2008 01:06
Nong Fred, Nong Rod, daghang salamat sa pag-himo ug pag-atiman ani'ng website. I'm very happy to know and connect with my relatives, my roots, and the different stories that our family has to tell. I'm Ian Nadela; I'm the son of Casimiro Nadela, the son of Vicente Deiparine Nadela. My grandmother was Feliciana Regner Nadela. Their children are Casimiro (my father), Victoria (married to Bert Deang), and Candido (married to Delia Martinez Nadela). Casimiro married Mari Emma Cahiwat Nadela; my siblings are Carl Vincent, Cherryl Mari, and Christine Mari.
We're looking forward to meeting all of you in our reunion and hearing your stories.
By the way, salamat kaayo 'gaw Junrey for bringing me closer to our clan.
All the best to everyone!
Vinncenss Roger NADEla Briones

Posted at Saturday, 01 November 2008 21:33
../ hi there everyone,, esp to the administrator, kuya "Fred Nadela", kuya nalang ang itatawag ko ha?
.. i want to share our genealogy here in minglanilla, cebu, starting with my lolo "Rufo Nadela" which married to my lola "Corazon Diaz Nadela", the father of my lolo is named "Pedro Nadela" from Carcar City..
.. their siblings are the ff:
*Virgilio Nadela (anak sa labas ni lolo)
*Babelito Nadela (deceased)
*Jaime Nadela
*Jesus Nadela
*Eldie Nadela
*Leny Nadela
*Myrna Nadela
*Josephine Nadela
*Rufo Nadela Jr.
*Nancy Nadela
*Aida Nadela
*Reynante Nadela
*Rommel Nadela
.. marami silang naging anak,, at ang kanilang mga anak marami din ang ga anak, hehe, sunod sa yapak.
.. mga siblings naman nila,..
*Babelito Nadela
;married to Arlene Unabia
-Bobet Nadela (eldest)
-Christine Nadela (second)
-Clairee Nadela (third)
-Joseph Nadela (fourth)
-Moshi Nadela (youngest)
*Jaime Nadela
; married to Helen ****
-Jean Nadela (eldest, married with 1 sibling)
-meron pang 'walo' pero hindi ko maalala ang kanilang mga pangalan, sorry ha?
*Jesus Nadela
;married to *********
-**** nakalimot ko sa eldest kuya
- Jurie Nadela (second)
- Agnes Nadela (yougest)
*Eldie Nadela
; married to Billy ***
-Avon Nadela
-Jenny Nadela
*Leny NAdela
;married to Boy Tangaha
-with 11 siblings, two were married, each has one sibling.
*Myrna Nadela
;married to Cirilo Comaling
-Elron N. Comaling
-Alyn N. Comaling (married with one sibling)
-Naomi N. Comaling (married to Joel Boca, with one sibling)
-Jayson N. Comaling
-Jennifer N. Comaling
-Paul Gerald N Comaling
-Gladys Mae Apple N. Comaling
-Cyril N. Comaling
-Dende N. COmaling
*Josephine NAdela
;,married to Edgardo Briones
-Joe Art N. Briones (eldest)
-Kenneth N. Briones (second)
-Vinncenss Roger N. Briones (third)
-Sheena Marie N. Briones (fourth)
-Danna Blair N. Briones (youngest)
*Nancy Nadela
;married to Julian Jimenez
-Junalyn N. Jimenez
-Albert Nadela
-Irene N. Jimenez (with one sibling)
-Kimberly N. Jimenez (with two siblings)
-Abigael N. Jimenez
-Kevin Nadela
-Diane Jane N. Jimenez
-Krystel N. Jimenez
-Mary Rose N. Jimenez
... kana lang sah karun kuya hap?,, mudagkot sah ko sa minteryo... mag net nya ko balik para sa sumpay..., thanks.. pls. feel free to email me to my email add.,, thanks again..
rod nadela

Posted at Tuesday, 21 October 2008 19:42
please be informed of this announcement posted at

Nadela Clan Reunion
November 8, 2008
Sugbu, SRP


Date and Time: 8 November, 2008, the whole day
Venue: SUGBU, South Reclamation Properties, Cebu City
Nature: Informal Family Gathering (organized by chapters)
Food: Pot luck and carenderia delicacies for sale.
For those that may not have time or the inclination to bring their own provisions, a six-course buffet and pre-packed lunch will be prepared. However, reservations are required so that enough food will be prepared for those that may wish to avail of the service.
Also, some pledges for lechon have been made and will also be posted here once confirmed.
Activities: Mass offering, free medical clinic, denture fitting, optical services, Nadela craft and services booths, tabu and garage sale and a variety show.

Confirmed attendance:

Cabangca Family - Bulacao, Cebu City
Barcelo Family - Talisay, Mambaling and Lapulapu City
Nadela Chapter - Sibonga
Nadela Chapter - A. Lopez/Labangon
Nadela Chapter - Mambaling
Abellanosa Family - Cogon, Pardo
Nadela Family - Liburon
Lauglaug Family - Tuyom, Carcar
Fernandez Family - Carcar City


In order to be assured that enough food is available, reservations are requested from those who wish to be included in the preparation of a pre-packed lunch and coupon for a dinner buffet. All food reservations will be posted here for better coordination among members of the Food Committee.
Lunch* Dinner*
P85/head P170/head

Junrey Nadela 5 5
Nilo "Nilo" F. Regis 5 10
Arnulfo "Butch" F. Gambito 5 10

*Food Menu
[Click here for details]

For your reservations, please send SMS to:
Marilyn Pasco ----- 0917 253 6772
Junrey Nadela ----- 0920 961 3488
Tet Gambito -------- 0918 350 4261


Posted at Wednesday, 01 October 2008 13:06
Im mara from california. Im actually not a Nadela.. But i am a big supporter of Philip. I couldn't find any other way to get ahold of him or his parents. So I thought that maybe this way i can get ahold of his parents.

I would like to ask for permission to create a fan website for Philip. I would like that website to be an Official website, so that we can update Philip's other fans about his up and coming guestings and shows.

If anyone from the Nadela family get the chance to talk to Philip's parents,please do let them know about my interest in creating an official website for Philip.

I would need to keep intouch with Philip and his family in order to keep the site going.

To Philip's Parents:
Mr. and Mrs. Nadela,
If you are able to get this message please contact me through my e-mail address letting me know that you are Philip's parents. It will be my great great honor and pleasure to create a website for Philip, not only because he's my favourite,but also because he's so talented,has potential and full package of becoming the next big thing,and i would like to keep all his fans updated about his upcoming shows and guestings!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know po na super haba na po nito!

Philip Good luck sa Grand Dream Night! Kaya mo yan! Just always pray,,and dont change! Believe in your talents!
God Bless!

Mara (17)
Lady Carmz

Posted at Tuesday, 30 September 2008 22:50
cool website!! :-)
cristopher bob nadela

Posted at Friday, 19 September 2008 19:02
hi to very overwhelmed that there are more than hundreds of nadelas roaming around specially in cebu...i came from minglanilla, my grandparents came from inayagan, then some camefrom carcar. but with my family tree were situated at minglanilla, my father whcih is a music lover, fond of the guitar strings, passed away last year because of cancer...anyways im happy to be able to search this site. thnx
michael nadela

Posted at Tuesday, 16 September 2008 14:55
hi ate rose i know dimo ako kilala pero c tatay cguro kilala mo im michael taino nadela my father is carlito nadela brother of tita myrna and tito carding i know u remember them c tatay ay nag work nung araw sa fiesta carnival sa place nyo shooting ata yun pati c nanay kc kinukwento nila sakin yun before..dito na nga pala ako naka based sa abudhabi uae kaya di ako nakapunta nung mamatay c kuya rick...if u want to communicate with me my email address is nag pose na ako dito before and na mention ko na din yung about sa magician and lolo luis being the king archer of the glad that you visit this website...take care good luck and god bless....regards to ate baby and ate nene and to their kids...bye

Posted at Thursday, 04 September 2008 20:38
Hi, there. I'm from Manila. My husband is Enrique Nadela from Sariaya, Quezon. He's a very good clown magician. Unfortunately, he died only last March 10. I was also thinking of making one website. But since you have started it, I am very much willing to put in additional information about the clan. Thank you and God bless.
Ellen Ruth Nadela

Posted at Wednesday, 03 September 2008 18:46
halu ;p
Michael Ray

Posted at Thursday, 17 July 2008 03:05
please visit this site:

Posted at Thursday, 08 May 2008 08:49
to pat and gabz:

thanks for good comments.

Posted at Monday, 05 May 2008 14:22
your site is very informative keep the good work..

Pat Williams

Posted at Friday, 02 May 2008 16:15
Cool site.
rod nadela

Posted at Saturday, 19 April 2008 08:40
hi brian,

yes, indeed, we are very close relatives.

we know your grandfather (we called him 'noy dadong') because he had visited us several times in talisay when my father was still alive.

please check your family trees to see if there are wrong entries or if there are additional data that need to be uploaded to this website.

warmest regards to all!
brian nadela batayola

Posted at Friday, 18 April 2008 00:11
alright...we got a nadela site...

i know some nadelas here, namely...

nikolai nadela is my first degree cousin...

charlie (charles) used to be an actor here in cebu, (si goot da wanderpol)

im still trying to check some of the other nadelas here...

about me.. Im Brian, my mother is Josefina Nadela, my grandfather is Gerardo Nadela Sr (rip) from pardo...

my mother has a very vast info about the nadela ancestry...

i will tell her about this site...
rod nadela

Posted at Friday, 11 April 2008 19:03
Tet Gambito's site :


rod nadela

Posted at Friday, 11 April 2008 18:56
this is from Tet Gambito.


You have an interesting site and am impressed by the number of persons that have been added to the genealogy. I have tried to upload my family tree, but looks like I am unable to do so.

In a recent Nadela gathering in Carcar, the group mentioned the existence of this web site. I offered to open up one, but found that I did not have all the skills for it.

There is no sense in duplicating your site, but we have a need update plans and information for a reunion which we are planning to hold on November 3, 2008. I have opened another site at **

It is currently free-form (meaning, I start each page from scratch). Its a lot faster than trying to learn and implement one of these content management software. I will make do with this in the meantime, but will try to bring it to the level of your site.

You are welcome to use any material on my site whether by linking to it or using bits of information for whatever projects or articles you may want to do.

Lastly, I would like to seek for your permission to use your header so as to have some consistency in our home pages.

Thanks and best regards.

Tet Gambito

Posted at Tuesday, 18 March 2008 20:31
Your information is very interesting. I have often wondered if there are Nadelas whose roots are not from the Visayas.

Specifically, I have been wondering why there are Nadelas in Baguio and in some other parts of Luzon and how they are related to me - a Nadela from the Visayas.

I hope we can trace the relations in the future!
rod nadela

Posted at Tuesday, 18 March 2008 18:45
hi michael,

i have reposted here your email from the welcome page for the information of others.

please send us more info about your family, especially the names of your parents, your own siblings, as well as siblings of fructuoso.
also, we shall be very glad if you could provide more data, perhaps from a news article, which depicted in detail why luis nadela was named as "king archer of the philippines".
please feel free to post your photos at this website.
we are sure glad to know that we have relatives in sariaya. i have once passed by sariaya on the way to lucban.

rod nadela
from :
michael taino nadela (IP: 2008-03-12 09:41:10

i also belong to the nadela clan but we are from the southern tagalog part of the philippines from the town of sariaya province of grandfather's name is fructuoso nadela, his brother is luis nadela, the king archer of the philippines..and i have also lolos and lolas that are very good singers in the province of quezon...proud to be nadela.......
rod nadela

Posted at Monday, 10 March 2008 12:20
phil mar,

you may send your photos to my brother, fred, if you are encountering problems in posting them at this website.

rod nadela

Posted at Monday, 10 March 2008 12:14

could you please supply us with info about your older sister, Nina Ricci Nadela Katada?

we have her name in the list already but could we have the name of her husband and children also?

rod nadela
Nikolai Nadela

Posted at Monday, 10 March 2008 10:39

here's something about me.

I am Nikolai Nadela son of Virgilio Nadela and Aurora Rabaya Nadela. I have only one older sister named Nina Ricci Nadela Katada.
Nikolai Nadela

Posted at Monday, 10 March 2008 09:57
I am glad to hear about that, though I never had a chance to meet some of the Nadela when we where still there.All of the son and daughter of Gerardo "DADONG" Nadela Sr. were migrated to chicago but the three of them went home to pardo, namely

Gerardo Nadela Jr.

Patrocinia Nadela Sagge

Dr.Josephina Nadela Batayola

So I can't share more information cuz I am still young,I am 23 years old but I can ask my dad to visit this site and maybe he can share some information about us.
So here are the Son's and Daughter's of Gerardo "DADONG" Nadela Sr.

Dr. Josephina Nadela Batayola

Ernestina Nadela Salutillo

Patroncinia Nadela Sagge

Gerardo Nadela Jr.

Col. Ranulfo Nadela

Virgilio Nadela

Mario del pilar Nadela

Maria Asuncion Nadela Drawer

Christino Nadela

Liduvino Nadela
rod nadela

Posted at Monday, 10 March 2008 09:06
hi nikolai,

we are sure glad to hear from you!

we would like you to know that your grandfather, gerardo nadela sr., was very close to my father, felipe nadela, and his name was always mentioned when talking about our closest relatives.
there were times when he visited us at our home in talisay.

how are you?
please send us more info about yourself, your wife and children so that we can post these at the website.
we would also appreciate it if you could post some photos.

rod nadela
Nikolai Nadela

Posted at Sunday, 09 March 2008 16:36

I was browsing about my family name in google and found out about this website. I am very excited and happy so see some of the Nadela blood from Cebu in this website.
I am Nikolai Nadela the only son of Virgilio Nadela, My Grandfather is Gerardo Nadela sr.(RIP) from Pardo Cebu City married to Theodorica Cabrera Nadela(RIP)wich is my Grandmother from Mandaue City.

Fred Nadela

Posted at Friday, 22 February 2008 06:43
y, I have several Andres in the database.
Andres b 1824 - who is too old to be your grandfather
Andres - father of Noli,Toto and Arthur - Do you recognize these names? are these your uncles too?
Andres Villasor Nadela m. Mrs. Ocampo - definitely not your grandpa.
If Andres, the father of Noli, etc is not your grandpa, then I will have to create a new Andres. Please confirm.

Posted at Thursday, 21 February 2008 17:38
yes Rod, that is my complete name...

My grandfather's name is Andres Nadela and his wife is Concordia Puerto Nadela.

we don't know the names of my grandfather's siblings...

these are the names of my siblings:

1. Francisco "Franky" Nadela
2. Engilberta Nadela
3. Pedro "Pete" Nadela
4. Teodora Nadela
5. Alejandro "Ali" Nadela
6. Gloria Nadela
7. Elizabeth Nadela
8. Eduardo Wilson Nadela (myself)

by the way, my mother's name is Dioscora Largo Nadela...

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