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Reunion 2008 was a great success!

Close to 500 clan members attended the reunion, which according to Tet Gambito, was a great challenge considering that food preparation was just good for 120 people. There was also a sudden change of venue from Sugbu,SRP to Bulacao Community Gym because oreunion photof the incessant rain.

The clan members were entertained during the day by the virtousity of Eddie Nadela who played the guitar with such skills, he can give any professional guitarist a run for his money.

Personally, I was able to touch base with the Nadelas whom I got to know back in CIT days, many are losing their hair and have grown sideways but still recognizable. I also was able to meet some clan members whom I have exchanged emails over the past year or so. I also met some clan members for the first time and got to know them.

One of the reasons why I attended the reunion was to interview the 'old folks' so I can trace the relations of the Nadelas downstream. Unfortunately many of those I interviewed could not remember or do not even know their  grandparents. I am afraid that we may not be able to connect many Nadela branches after all, unless other ways of  tracing the relations are made available to us.

I was, however, able to distribute and retrieve genealogy forms which was a source of additional information  for the genealogy database. There are now more than 1,000 names in the database!!!

Congratulations to the organizers and supporters of the reunion. Thank you for your undying efforts to keep the Clan together.


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2008 Nadela Clan Reunion
Joshua Nadela Alferez (IP: 2008-11-12 09:03:13

"How good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dewll in unity." St. Augustine.

Last November 8, 2008, was and is a history and a part of the very meaningful beginning of the Nadela clan. The reunion was a success despite some of the unavoidable circumstances. It was indeed very pleasant to share wonderful times with you (Nadela clan). Despite the reality that I wasn't able to share all the experiences you have encountered by making the reunion realized. I was not active in participating the meetings you did before the big event. My auntie - godmother(Mommy Ely) keeps on urging me to take part of the reunion, if not actively at least somehow I will attend. Thanks My!

Because of curiosity I did, good that my cousin Joel Nadela & uncle Danny Nadela texted me that the venue was changed due to a very poor weather condition that day. Not to sacrifice the foreseen glorious moment, the organizer did a very good job. Venue won't matters the merriment of the Nadela clan did matters. The original venue was at Sugbu, SRP yet it was transfered to Bulacao gym.

Looking back to the years where we used to play together with my relatives, friends & playmates it never came into my mind that such tremendous and noble concept of 'gathering' all Nadelas would be realized. Until the day we did, now am almost half way of my life to maturity. Greatful of the opportunity to be with you guys during the reunion. Hope we can keep the fire burning to reach out all our relatives and encourage them to be part of the cause, to gather as one...Mabuhay Nadela clan!

Would greatly appreciate if you can count me in on the next reunion or any activity that the clan would organize. It would be my pleasure working and serving with you next time, brothers and sisters. I will try to take active participation. Have some suggestions to be made or added on the next year's reunion. To mention a few, perhaps we can ask every chapter of the clan to take videos and pictures of their families and be shown during the reunion through the projector. I do believe this will help us fully trace our lineage and at the same time we have a chance to see different faces of our clan members (young & old). Hope I can attend some of the meetings that you are going to hold.

To the organizers, specifically to agaw Junrey and the rest of the team...I salute you for a job very well done! Am pretty sure the on the next reunion we'll do better.

Cheers to everyone! Thank you so much for the momentous event that I have shared with you. May God continously bless us and on our endeavors. Thanks and looking forward for your continous support bro and sis!

You might wonder who am I... let's exchange e-mails my fellow Nadela can send e-mail to

I LOVE YOU ALL! Best regards...til then.
Congratulations to the Reunion
rod nadela (IP: 2008-12-09 02:21:28

This is to express my most sincere thanks to the organizers of the recent Nadela Reunion, held at Bulacao Gym on November 8, 2008, which, despite the typhoon that had threatened to snuff it out with heavy downpour and inundation, had pushed through successfully, after frantic search for another venue and excellent coordination of last-minute logistics requirements.

This singular achievement is a significant milestone marking the coming together of relatives, many of whom would be seeing one another for the first time to establish contact, and many more to rekindle bonds that have been severed by distance, by hectic occupations, or by other factors that have, somehow, alienated us from one another.

Although it was quite unfortunate that I was unable to attend this very momentous occasion because I had to rush to San Pablo City on that very day to resolve some branch concerns, my mind and soul yearned to be with all of you, to become a witness and be part of the beginning of a new era, when relatives have finally made the decision to become one in spirit, that by one’s participation in the gathering not only signifies pride in identifying oneself as a Nadela but also to submit oneself willingly and enthusiastically to become a part that would finally make up the whole, which, for a long time, had been in fragments scattered all over without form and spirit, and now committing to do one’s share in making the name “Nadela” a name to be proud of, for generations to come.

See you next time!
about the reunion this year
ask ta ko when ang reunion thi (IP: 2009-10-20 21:07:32

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