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Ernestina Nadela (now residing in Chicago,originally from Pardo, Cebu (Gerardo Nadela Sr. - Teodora Cabrera) and husband Angelo Salutillo, Jr. had the opportunity to travel to Spain in the 1990s. They were  able to get in touch with a Nadela and spent some time with her.   Please read below the blog of Finny about Nita and her search for the Nadelas in Spain.

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 Nita & Elena with Elena's cousin
 Elena's cousin, Angelo & Elena
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 Elena, Nita and Elena's cousin
 Nita and Elena
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genevere nadela (IP: 2009-05-03 06:19:19


actually I don't know what to say. Boy, I'm shocked, I can't believe there are many of us...(of course the nadela's)

life is short,so live to the fullest...
genevere nadela (IP: 2009-05-03 06:24:50


I'm actually Maria Genevere C. Nadela I am 12 yrs. old I live in Cebu, But now I am in Manila to visit our cousins of course another family of Nadela. wished to know you...
Pamela Nadela Sagge-Berry (IP: 2009-10-23 17:42:03

hi all! auntie nita is my mother's (patrocinia) sister. this is my first time to check out this site. i was just curious about nadela as our surname so i searched for it and i found this site. i am now living in u.k. and the people here are very keen to do their family tree. my mother in law was doing her family tree ever since i knew her and she one time asked me where my family came from and if we had a family tree. all i know is that grandpa dadong's ancestors was from spain. mommy finny, what you said here is very informative!
finn nadela-batayola (IP: 2009-08-10 00:06:31

Dear Fred and Rod,

I was able to see the pictures of my younger sister Ernestina (Nita) Nadela- Salutillo and read the accompanying narrative about her visit to Spain in the 1990's with her husband Angelo. I was later informed that those pictures were sent by Nita herself for the website trying to establish Spanish connections of our clan.

My sister Nita in her younger days was fascinated about our family tree since research is her field. She started with conversations with our late Papa Dadong who had strong Spanish features like fair complexion and sharp nose. This was followed among other steps by digging into Spain's telephone books for Nadelas at Chicago Public Library where she worked for many years prior to her retirement. Just curious and adventurous, she wrote to people found in the telephone directories. These steps brought her going to Madrid in the nineties to meet one of them-Elena Nadela. They had a pleasant and informative get together and they definitely conducted their conversation in Spanish.

From Elena, she gathered as she told us before, that the Nadelas are Galicians from Lugo which is one of the provinces in Galicia. The town NADELA is one of the major towns of the province. Elena further told her that there are only 3 major family branches that live in Lugo. Her father died in the 1990's and she was amazed that we have a brother named Virgilio because either her grandfather or father had the same name. Her grandfather left for Cuba during the Franco regime and they have since lost contact with him. They believe he was one of the victims of the Castro regime.

My sister Nita lived in Chicago most of her life while I have lived in Pardo, Cebu City also most of my life. Nita finished her BSE major in Library Science at the University of San Carlos, cum laude and her Masteral Degree at he Catholic University of America in Washington DC as a Fulbright Scholar. She was employed at the Chicago Public Library for many years after which she retired sometime ago. At present she is a faculty member of the Truman College in Chicago. My husband Pepito and I lived in their homes in Chicago and in West Plm Beach Florida most of the time during our stay in the US, first as tourists then later as immigrants. Pete and me subsequently decided to return to the Philippines for good.

Nita put to good use her 1 whole year of Spanish in high school which was a requirement during our time and her 18 credit units in college. Spanish also is a second language in many places in the US. So, she can carry out conversations in Spanish, surely not pefectly but good enough to understand and be understood, meaning she and Elena Nadela did not "just smiled at each other and did a photoshoot at a hotel in Madrid" when they met. Nita and her family travel to other countries every now and then and they have been to Spain a number of times in the past like they also visit us here in Pardo.

I admire your enthusiasm in making the Nadela Clan website. Will keep in touch and maybe send some of my pictures too when I will learn how to do it.

Regards and wishing the best for us all.

Finn Nadela-Batayola
Roy Alvin Nadela (IP: 2009-08-22 13:39:29

Thanks to whoever posted the pictures. Nita Nadela-Salutillo is my aunt or my father's sister. I've heard of this story before that there actually is a street called Nadela in Spain. Well, as mentioned by Finny, my aunt, Nadela is indeed a town in Spain. Wow, very fascinating. Too bad there's a Gabuya Street here in Pardo, but no Nadela street. If perhaps one of the Nadelas ran for politics in the early days, there could have been a street or better yet poblacion named after us. hehe.. just a thought. cheers..
hi nang auring
Pamela Nadela Sagge-Berry (IP: 2011-07-05 03:34:46

hi nang auring! of course i still remember you. how are you? i just read this message. hope all is well with you. do you have an email address? are you back in s.j.? halong!
Pam this is your Manang Auring
Auring Lupase (IP: 2010-07-19 00:12:07

This is just to ask Ms. Pamela Nadela Sagge - Berry if she knew Ms. Auring Lupase - Gonzales her former yaya.

Ms. Auring is wondering if you still remember her.

you can reach her through 0908 2521 420

thank you!
friend of pedy nadela
aslian (IP: 2010-07-22 07:12:53

hi im ashlian i just want to ask if u know pedy or Vicente Nadela Jr.he is my long lost friend...his from Cebu also and he is a Dental technician's......if u know him please tell me where he is now...
thank you....
hi poh.. my grandsfather name (IP: 2010-09-17 06:39:48

hi poh.. my grandsfather name (IP: 2010-09-17 06:40:15

jelai nadela dumapias (IP: 2010-09-17 06:44:10

hipoh.. my grandsfather nameis elpedio nadela thanks
azenith nadela (IP: 2010-12-13 02:16:49

hi guys...very proud of y'all. Nadela ROCK!!!
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